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Maxibooking understands that most hotel owners are doubtful about hotel booking engines because their investment doesn’t get them the profit they were hoping for.

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User-Friendly Single Step Booking Process & Mobile Compatible

Five to six step booking processes infuriate and irritate clients. This is why many clients turn away from websites which take too long for the process to complete.

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More than 50 Statistics and Reports for your Online Booking Performance

Maxibooking is a company that believes in customer satisfaction. When you become our customer, we provide several statistics and reports for your booking

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API support for 3rd party Integrations

Developers and designers of Maxibooking know that hotel owners look for convenience and simplicity when searching for a booking engine.

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Mika Hotel Luanda


330 Alacati

Ramada Istanbul Grand Bazaar

Mika Hotel Zambia

City Premiere Marina

Sharjah Première Hotel

City Premiere Hotel

Al Majaz Premiere

Lou Loua Beach

Grand Hotel

Cave Konak Hotel Cappadocia



Everyone dreams of a hotel business that booms and thrives every single day. Unfortunately, not all these businesses are able to reach these heights of success because their hotel reservation is not up to mark. However, you now have the opportunity to tell the world about your hotel and everything offered through Maxibooking’s unique and distinctive hotel booking engine. We focus on your web portal because we know that this is the best tool which can be used to not only invite customers but also increase revenues. The best thing about our engine is that we don’t just make promises but also design and develop according to your preference and target audience. And because we want you to be our life long customer, here are a couple of advantages you can benefit from when you choose our service.

• Our average conversion rate is 4.5% which is quite high as compared to others

• Our developers use your color theme and design so the booking engine for hotel doesn’t appear different.

• We offer an easy setup process which means you can eliminate the hassle

• We incorporate your hotel logo because we know the importance of branding

• Our booking engine will be seamlessly integrated into your web portal

• Selecting our engine makes you more visible on Google and other search engines

Easy, Simple and No Nonsense Booking Software

One of the things that all hotel owners are scared off is complex and confusing online booking software that make no sense to them. Keeping this in mind, we at Maxibooking have designed a system that is as easy as ABC. Though we are fully committed to highlight your business and everything that makes it unique, we promise to keep it as simple as possible for you. Our system will not only return maximized revenues but will also make it easier for you to sell your rooms and services. So in a few words, we convert your website traffic into actual hotel customers and this is how it’s done.

• Our hotel booking systems help you manage and design a variety of extra services like laundry, airport transfer etc.

• Our booking system is extremely simple and user-friendly so it doesn’t need instructions.

• Our software helps you categorize rooms according to their types, rates; availability etc. so there is no mix-up during the booking.

• Our search results display the availability of the room for the days chosen.

• Our online system is a complex free 2-step booking process which means that you won’t need to go through the 5-6 steps like most other hotel booking portals.

• Our guarantee is that your hotel booking will increase to almost double as compared to the current one which you are using.

• Our software makes it easier for your customers to search for and book the rooms of their preference


We have a central booking system which has multiple options that will help you save your time, money and energy. When we say we will satisfy your every hotel booking need, we plan on keeping that promise and seeing it through. The proof of the pudding is in our feature of Dynamic Pricing which is especially designed to increase your profits. Simply enter your base price and the rest will be automatically calculated by the system. Want to know what more we are serious about? Scroll down to find out.

• The system makes sure that the credit cards are reliable through the information taken with SSL encryption and is quick in generating the receipts upon reservation confirmation.

• The smart engine is also incorporated with the CRS (Central Booking System), Hotel Channel Management and GDS/IDS hotel distribution channels so you are offered controlled and appropriate rates.

• The software doesn’t require any manual transaction when new reservations or changes are made because everything is updated automatically.

• The online hotel booking software will ensure that from every 100 visitors, you convert at least 4 to 5 of them as booking customers. This means that if you are a resort hotel, you will be booking at least 27 room nights and if you are a city hotel you will book 14 room nights!

• The booking system is Google SEO friendly which translates into increased conversion rates for you!

We Bring You Convenience & Exceptional Functionality

We are called the best hotel reservation systems because we believe in helping your hotel business go to new heights of success. Unlike most of our competitors who have software only to make money, we ensure that we help you realize your dreams for the hotel business that you have worked so hard to build. Moreover, because you need an internet connection to use the system, there is no monthly or yearly fee and you get to pay as you earn. This special feature helps you save a lot and makes you believe in our services and abilities even more. Finally, here are a couple of very special features you’ll want to know about.

• Our software for you is completely customizable. This means that not only your design but also your URL will be included as is your hotel name. The benefit of this is when a visitor is redirected to the reservation page; they think that they are still at your parent website.

• Our multi-property functionality enables your customers to search for rooms in the other hotels of your chain in the same search.

• The Sister Hotel feature enables your guests to choose a room from your other hotel if there is none available in the hotel that they selected in the same search.

• The smart booking engine will suggest other booking dates to the customer if the rooms for the chosen dates have been sold out. So our smart system doesn’t just return a message of ‘we have no availability’ but instead makes our intelligent suggestions.

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